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BIZynet is a professional Internet services company providing integrated Internet services for small to medium-sized businesses looking to implement dynamic, cost effective Internet strategies.  We got started before anyone knew the Internet would exist.

BIZynet Business IT Professionals From custom business web design and hosting to marketing business products and services on the Internet, BIZynet is the leader in providing the professional services needed to transform e-business visions into reality.

BIZynet offers a complete range of Windows web hosting plans for businesses desiring to implement cost effective Internet strategies and solutions for their business.  These are full service accounts and you are not left on your own to resolve problems.

We are experts at designing and implementing what a business needs for their Internet support.  When other companies are shaking their heads or saying it can't be done, let us show you how.

Our BIZyCart™ Ecommerce Server makes doing business on the Internet easy.  New and improved shipping features make BIZyCart an even more effective ecommerce solution for your products you won't find anywhere else.  Put the power of BIZyCart to work for your business today and learn what doing business on the Internet is really all about!

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